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We are here to inspire the lifestyle of gaming, now and in the future.

Gr8game is the centerpiece of the gaming lifestyle, where the entire industry unites to get a whole new perspective.
It’s the one place where we all come together to see beyond what is, to reveal what could be. Numerous events and congresses brought together gaming enthusiasts.

Gr8game is where visionary talent meets visionary tech and the latest and greatest becomes the here and now!

2021 Stockholmsmässan, Sweden





The stereotypical image of the geeky gamer, alone, playing video games, is long gone. Gamers have become the real stars of social media. No other niche has grown so immensely with the age of social media than the field of gaming. 

Meet People

Highly efficient for both B2B and B2C. Meet and expand your network for the future.

Who's it for?

The gaming lifestyle affects everyone. Regardless age, sex and way of living. Business sector who act in the market to the market itself.

Events and Congresses

Cosplay, action, careers, competitions, DJs, shows, drift games, retro, indie, family, merchendise or business.


Learn to rethink and prioritize your approach to talent acquisition at every touchpoint. Learn from industry experts, leading practitioners, and your peers in the audience to identify, attract, and acquire the top talent you didn’t know existed.



The world will know about what’s happened! For our partners we help them to brake the media wall.

Indie and Start-Ups

Indie area – the game developers and start-ups area.  Concrete new business opportunities

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            TO THE FUTURE

                          IS NOT ENOUGH

                   YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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